Sponsoring Companies




Conference Pen

Conference Note Pad

Sponsorship Category

ⅰ. General Sponsorship

Category Gold
USD 8,000
KRW 8,800,000
USD 4,000
KRW 4,400,000
USD 2,000
KRW 2,200,000
Logo and web link on the web
Colour full page advert
Logo featured on the banner  
Standard shell scheme exhibition booth    
Table shell scheme exhibition booth    
complementary regular registrations 2 1  

ⅱ. In-Kind Sponsorship (Logo Featured)

Category USD KRW Limit
Conference Pen 2,000 2,200,000 1
Conference Note Pad 2,000 2,200,000 1
Conference Kit 5,000 5,500,000 1
Coffee Break Napkin 2,000 2,200,000 1

When you download the prospectus, you can see the application form together. If you are interested in becoming a sponosor in the OECC2018, please fill out the application form, and send it back to the OECC2018 secretariat via e-mail (secretariat@oecc2018.org). We would greatly appreciate if your company would consider supporting this conference at whatever level is deemed appropriate.