• Date & Time : July 03 (Tue.)
  • Organizer: Hwan Seok Chung (ETRI), Xiang Liu (Huawei) and T. Nirmalathas (U. of Melbourne)
  • Description:
    This symposium creates a spotlight on the broadband access status across the globe and invites distinguished speakers from different parts of the world. We do hope this will provide an excellent opportunity to examine the trends and technologies poised to shape the future of broadband access including high speed PON as well as 5G. Presentations will delve into competing options for the optical access segment in fiber, wireless mobile, copper, and other alternatives.
  • Speakers: TBA
  • Date & Time : July 04 (Wed.)
  • Organizer: Gwanchong Joo (Coset Inc.) and Jongjin Lee (ETRI)
  • Description: TBA
  • Speakers:
“Automated high-throughput assembly processes for photonic packaging”
Paul Fortier
“III-V on Si platform and its assembly technology”
Hiroshi Fukuda
“Hybrid Packaging for Advanced Silicon Photonics Transceivers”
Michael Mack
Luxtera Inc.
  • Date & Time : July 05 (Thu.)
  • Organizer: Kwang Yong Song (Chung-Ang Univ.)
  • Description:
    Distributed fiber sensors can provide the distribution map of various physical quantities such as strain, temperature, pressure, and vibration along large civil structures and materials by analyzing optical scatterings in an optical fiber. With the growing needs for the safety and security in industries and societies great advances have been made on the technologies of the distributed fiber sensors during the past decades. This symposium is intended to provide reviews on the state-of-the art technologies developed for the enhancement of sensing range, repetition rate, spatial resolution and sensitivity in various types of distributed fiber sensors mainly based on Rayleigh and Brillouin scatterings.
  • Speakers:
“Field deployment and applications of distributed optical Fiber Sensing”
Sanghoon Chin
“Assignment of measurement position of fiber optic BOCDA sensor by phase code time difference between pump and probe light”
Il-Bum Kwon
Korea Research Institute of Standards Science
“Listening with Fiber: High Performance Distributed Acoustic Sensor”
Qingwen Liu
Shanghai Jiaotong University
“Chirped-Pulse phase-sensitive OTDR”
Hugo Martin
University of Alcala
“Recent advances of single-end-access distributed Brillouin sensing”
Yosuke Mizuno
Tokyo Institute of Technology
“Advances of distributed fiber sensors based on Brillouin dynamic gratings”
Kwang-Yong Song
Chung-Ang University
“Distributed Brillouin optical fibre sensing with a 100-fold reduced measurement time”
Marcelo A. Soto
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Valparaíso, Chile)