Date & Time: July 02 (Mon.) / 14:00-17:00

  • Organizer: Hoon Kim (KAIST, Korea) and Zhixin Liu (UCL, UK)
  • Description: TBA
  • Speakers:
Tianwai Bo
“Transforming coherent technologies for short-reach applications”
Di Che
The University of Melbourne
“Coherent for intermediate reach links”
Long Chen
Acacia Communications
“Simplified coherent versus currently-existing technology for future optical access networks ”
M. Sezer Erkılınç
University College London
“Advanced IM/DD-PAM signaling for short to intermediate reach applications and its future prospects”
Nobuhiko Kikuchi
Chao Lu
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
“Technological considerations in deploying coherent detection systems for future the Metro and Access applications “
Xiaodan Pang
“What can DD do for short reach?”
Tomoo Takahara
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
“1 Terabit Ethernet Based on Low-Cost Direct Detection Systems”
Jinlong Wei
Huawei Germany
“Coherent is more attractive for short- and intermediate-haul inter-datacenter applications”
Chongjin Xie
  • Organizer: Hanyoul Ryu (Inha Univ.), Woo Young Choi (Yonsei Univ.) and Donghwan Ahn (Kookmin Univ.)
  • Description: TBA
  • Speakers:
Il-Sug Chung
Technical University of Denmark
Daoxin Dai
Zhejiang University
Po Dong
Nokia Bell Labs
“Silicon photonics technologies for high-density optical interconnections”
Kyung-Sook Hyun
Sejong University
“Silicon photonics technologies for high-density optical interconnections”
Seok-Hwan Jeong
“Efficient, scalable, and reliable III/V quantum dot lasers monolithically integrated on silicon”
Daehwan Jung
UC Santa Barbara
“Silicon photonic platforms for future computing & data communications”
Gyungock Kim
“Monolithic photonic BiCMOS technology: Enabler for high-speed transceiver applications”
Stefan Lischke
“Programmable silicon photonic processor and its application for microwave signal processing ”
Liangjun Lu
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
“Silicon-based optical phased arrays for wide-angle beam forming”
Hyo-Hoon Park
Jason Png